We're proud to offer a unique pricing system that ensures you always get the best deal

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    Adam—Locksmith, LondonLocksmithCo.com

    We have used OneOffice phone answering for two years now. It has coped well with the growth of our business. Now we get about 30 calls a day, but we still prefer them to be managed by OneOffice because that lets us focus on the core of our business—fitting locks.

    Telephone answering in your company name with your own London-based PA and a unique telephone number.

    Our service is designed to be superior

    But first let's start with the basics

    Our service is tailored to you

    All calls are answered in the name of your company

    Choose the greeting you want

    One PA is dedicated to taking your calls

    Lady wearing headset
    Ta control panel

    You are always in control

    Set your people up to receive calls

    Customise different actions for different people

    Adjust notifications to suit your needs

    We grow with you

    Our tariff adapts to your needs

    The system copes with an expanding team

    Use a physical phone if you need one

    Black handset

    Base rate


    per month
    • Unique number
    • 5 free calls
    • London PA
    • Out of hours voicemail


    • Calls included
    • Additional calls at
    • Message by email
    • PA 5
      £4.99 monthly
      • 5
      • 79p/min
      • FREE
    • PA 25
      £19.99 monthly
      • 25
      • 69p/min
      • FREE
    • PA 50
      £39.99 monthly
      • 50
      • 59p/min
      • FREE
    • PA 100
      £60.00 monthly
      • 100
      • 49p/min
      • FREE

    OneOffice has pioneered a unique phone system, designed for Start-up and Go.